Index Supply / Shovel / 1.0

March 25th, 2024

The goal for 1.0 is to provide a set of features that are useful, fast, reliable, and well factored. Shovel is being used in production by many key projects and I feel confident that new users will be well served by the current code. The major bugs have been found and fixed. The code has been refactored and is stable. Onward!

Let’s recap some of the key features in the 1.0 release

  1. Declarative JSON based configuration (no custom coding for basic indexing use cases)
  2. Concurrent processing of multiple chains (ie mainnet, base, arbitrum nitro, etc)
  3. Block, Transaction, and Event indexing
  4. Filters that reduce the amount of data saved to your database
  5. Filters that can depend on other tables (factory contracts)
  6. Websocket and PG NOTIFY support for low latency updates (1ms e2e latency)
  7. TypeScript package for programmatically building the JSON config file
  8. Extensive documentation of all operator controls

These features have been baking for a while and they are finally ready to enjoy.

See the docs to get started!

Premium Support

Index Supply offers Premium Support for teams that would like oncall support for all things related to their Shovel indexing stack. This includes architecture help, prioritized feature development, and Postgres diagnostics and design. Please email to get started.