Index Supply / Customer case studies

We set up the Daimo API with a custom Shovel config that indexes all payment related operations from Base. We deployed Shovel to Render and tuned the Postgres instance for the API’s queries.

In addition to getting Shovel set up, we also engaged in an engineering collaboration where we made contributions to the API’s TypeScript code base so that it efficiently serves API queries using the Shovel Postgres database.

We continue to collaborate over group chat to diagnose any production incidents that may affect the Daimo API.

We setup custom tuned Geth nodes on EC2 to initialize Family’s Mongo database. Running nodes on EC2 provided significantly improved latencies and higher throughput when compared to using a 3rd party hosted node at a fraction of the cost.

Lattice, developers of MUD, use Index Supply’s Shovel to monitor data availability challenges on their Redstone OP L2 chain.

Index Supply is also engaged in a special project to build a custom indexing solution for MUD (written in Rust). Index Supply has deployed software engineers to design, build, and maintain the product. (from the makers of Context and use Shovel to index their protocol data into an RDS managed Postgres database. Index Supply provides architecture design support and premium support (with oncall engineers) for their Shovel operations.

The site runs custom indexers connected to self hosted nodes on EC2. We provided oncall solutions for the ongoing maintenance of the indexers and Geth nodes on Eth mainnet and OP L2 chains.